About Us

We're a fun bunch! Catch us riding our bikes down the boardwalk, showin' off our moves on the dance floor, creating some fun artwork, or having a couple drinks with friends.

About CO

We established CO: Creative Cartel in 2011 as it earmarked a new beginning for us as husband and wife. CO is an extension of us as a couple and reflects our lifestyle: simple, modern, and fun! Our shop is full of unique gifts, stationery, and graphic art for the contemporary individual. Our life in Los Angeles is the inspiration behind our brand. Things that you see in our shop are things that we use in our every day life.

The CO Blog is a little chronicle of our life, written by me - Carissa. It's the stuff we like, stuff we eat, and stuff we make.

Now, let's meet the owners--

Carissa Solomon-Ortega

I love design, it's as simple as that. Transforming a space, printing on paper, creating something from nothing...it's what makes my world go 'round!! 

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I've never been the type to just settle. From an early age, my parents taught me to dream big and never look back. That's exactly what I did. At the age of 19, I had a big dream of starting my own business. 7 years later, I stand here with a heart full from the love, friendship, and experiences. Because of that dream I am who I am today. I enjoy little get togethers with friends, everything about the internet, Disney, and Hello Kitty. I'm passionate about meeting new people, business, design, and love. I'm a wifey to the best husband a girl could ask for, a daughter, FRIENDS fan, Coffee Bean addict, and Apple enthusiast. I love how music, emotion, and timing play a key role in my day to day life.

Lastly, I am grateful to the Lord for giving me this day and every day. All my successes and short comings have been nothing but a blessing and lesson to learn from. I lift up all those things to Him because without Him, none of this would be possible.

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Charlie Ortega, Jr.

I'm an art/design nerd and wear that title with PRIDE! Advertisement collateral, fonts, packaging, apparel, websites, graffiti, shoes, flyers, business cards etc. When all the elements of a design piece come together with the perfect visual read I find myself in a motionless and thought drowning awe... I refer to it as a "nerd'gasm" :O

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There was a turning point in my life between graduating high school and college when I decided that if I'm not working toward something then I'm in retrograde. I've applied that thought in all aspects of my life whether it be trends within an industry, my company, my dance life, and even when it comes to self improvement. I take satisfaction in trend forecasting and finding ways of applying timelessness to "the next best thing." Aside from being a geek for art and design I use every available opportunity to dance! In my car while sitting in traffic, walking through the mall, standing in line at Disneyland®, even while I'm waiting for files to open/save at work... and I'm not talking about a simple two-step, it's a full blown performance! When I hear music I get into a subconscious state and my body just starts moving! Working hard and playing hard in equal amounts is my steeze, too much of either side just upsets the alchemy!

I thank my family, friends, and associates who have blessed my life with their love and support. Most of all I thank God for surrounding me with wonderful people who've cultivated my talents and allowed me to live a life where I'm able to freely use them to help and entertain people around me!